With Google Analytics, you can not only measure sales and conversions. You will also present insights into how visitors use your site, how they got there and how you can attract them to come back.

Take a plunge in the information. With the standard reports, it is easy to measure and interpret the engagement on the site. Moreover, it is easy to quickly create custom reports, and visitor and find important information that you want to share with the team.

Content Analysis
Find out the site’s most profitable content and find hidden treasures using the Content reports in Google Analytics. There you can see how often users visit each individual page on the site, how long they stay and how often their visit leads to transformation. You’ll find all the reports in the Content section.

Reports on the social network
The social media revolution is here and it matures quickly. You measure it? With social reports, you can measure the impact of social media on your business goals and conversions. Integrated information on the Web and the social network provides an overall view of your content and your user group.

Analysis of mobile devices
It is increasingly important that you understand how your mobile sites, apps and ads work and how they lead business to you. With Google Analytics you can measure mobile websites, apps, and visits from web-enabled mobile devices, including smartphones and basic mobile phones and tablets. We help marketers to attract customers regardless of screen type and device, by giving them insight into how they can be relevant to our customers and help them at the crucial moment. Ensure you create targeted and effective marketing campaigns that reach visitors no matter where they are.

Conversion Suite
With Google Analytics Conversion Suite, you can take the step beyond the calculations of the number of page views and visitors. See how all your digital marketing channels interact to direct visitors to the site. Measure sales, downloads, video streams and other activities that are important to you. Learn about why some visitors buy from you but others do not so you can customize the website and your marketing activities and meet your business objectives.

Advertisement Analysis
You have made large investments in order to attract visitors to your website. How will you know that your advertising program works? Analyze all digital channels, both the search network, the Display Network, the social network, affiliate networks and email and see how they affect your conversion rate and yield. Go a step further in the analysis by means of integration with AdWords, which involves both mobile campaigns and promotions on the Display Network.

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